Bloomberg Businessweek Digital Access FAQ

1.How many channels available for digital access (e.g. PC version, APP in IOS, Android, Audio features…etc)?
Answer : Only iPhone and iPad (but see no. 3 below). PDF version is available but it is entirely and not includedin a print subscription
2.What is the official website for digital access?
Answer : apple.com/itunes
3.Is PC version available in text format or can be download as pdf?
Answer : Yes, but the PC version is not included in the print subscription. It must be purchased quite separately from hk.zinio.com
4.For digital version, it will cover by how many % of print version content?
Answer : Digital version includes almost all of print version content. We anticipate this changing to 100% at an unknown future date.
5.How to login and register? (request official procedure powerpointsupport from publisher)

  • Step 1: Go to the Apple iTunes app store and download the Bloomberg Businessweek+ app.
  • Step 2: Open Bloomberg Businessweek+ app from Newsstand
  • Step 3: Tap “Activate Now” under the “Existing Subscribers” section
  • Step 4: Tap “Print Subscriber -International” to indicate your location
  • Step 5: To activate you will need to have your
    a)Bloomberg Businessweek magazine account number which is noted at the top of this email or
    b) email address and zip code as listed on your account
  • Step 6: Tap “Activate” to activate the subscription

6.Will digital access be available before subscriber getting the print copy?
Answer : No. Unfortunately, the subscriber must enter the account number shown on the magazine’s carrier sheet (which he first receives with his first issue of the magazine)
7.If area code/zip code required to activate the account, what is the zip code?
Answer : You can use 9999 if you have no zip code (or do not know your zip code)
8.Is digital access include archive contents? If yes, when is it back-dated to?
Answer : I understand digital access only begins with print subscription. However, some historical online access is available to all visitors to bloomberg.com/businessweek(but you have to wordsearch-it is not arranged issue by issue).
9.Which versions does digital access cover? (only Asia version or all global versions…?)
Answer : Only Asia edition (but 99% of editorial content is the same across all versions of Businessweek -only the advertisements differ).
10.During suspension, if hardcopy is suspended, will digital access be available (or suspend together?)
Answer : I understand both would be suspended.
11.How to retrieve password if lost/ forgot?
Answer : email customer service at businessweekasia.subs@quadrantsubs.com
12.For transfer of order to overseas, customer will apply the same user login for digital access?
Answer : No. If address has been changed, customer may need new zip code.
13.Any additional features to the digital access not mentioned above?
Answer : Reminder that customers in or close to mainland China may not be able to receive the digital version at all, since it is blocked by the Chinese government.