The Economist Digital Access FAQ

1.How many channels available for digital access (e.g. PC version, APP in IOS, Android, Audio features…etc)? Answer : Please refer to the list online as the digital team updates this when there are new devices supported –http://www.economist.com/digital This is what you receive when you subscribe to a Print + Digital subscription:

  • Weekly delivery of The Economistin print
  • Full access to Economist.com andThe Economistin audio
  • Full access to each week’s issue viaThe Economist apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Chrome, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire
  • The Economist Espresso, our morning briefing direct to your smartphone or inbox

2.What is the official website for digital access?

Answer : http://www.economist.com/digital

3.Is PC version available in text format or can be download as pdf?

Answer : The PC version is in text format.

4.For digital version, it will cover by how many % of print version content?

Answer : The digital version covers all the contents of the print version.

5.How to login and register? (request official procedure powerpointsupport from publisher)

Answer : Attached are the sample welcome letters sent to subscribers with digital access.

6.Will digital access be available before subscriber getting the print copy?

Answer : As mentioned in the attached welcome letters, the digital subscription allows you to read or listen to each week’s digital edition via The Economist app, Economist.com and The Economist in audio, from 4pm EST/9pm GMT each Thursday.

7.If area code/zip code required to activate the account, what is the zip code?

Answer : Only the customer reference number is required to activate the account.

8.Is digital access include archive contents? If yes, when is it back-dated to?

Answer : The oldest issue available can be checked via http://www.economist.com/printedition/covers?print_region=76975. Currently it is 19thJuly 1997.

9.Which versions does digital access cover? (only Asia version or all global versions…?)

Answer : It covers all versions. The subscriber has the option to change regions.

10.During suspension, if hardcopy is suspended, will digital access be available (or suspend together?)

Answer : They are suspended together.

11.How to retrieve password if lost/ forgot?

Answer : The subscriber can reset the password online by clicking on “Forgot Password”. They can also contact the customer service.

12.For transfer of order to overseas, customer will apply the same user login for digital access?

Answer : Yes, if the subscriber will still use the same email address and password.

13.Any additional features to the digital access not mentioned above?

Answer : Please visit http://www.economist.com/digitalfor more details.


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Digital subscribers enjoy full access to Economist.com, The Economist apps, The Economist in audio and The Economist Espresso. Simply log in to Economist.com or any of our apps using your e-mail address and password. If you are already a digital subscriber but have no yet activated your digital access, register to activate now.

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