Hi-Balanz Collagen Tripeptide

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Collagen Tripeptide Collagen Tripeptide)

Collagen tripeptide is the smallest particle size collagen. Collagen tri-peptide can be absorbed better than collagen 3 times, can be absorbed into the body immediately without sub-process. It is more effective than other types of collagen. 

It also looks like a collagen structure in human skin. It helps repair and replenish collagen in the skin well and effectively. Collagen tri-peptide is suitable for those who want to eat less collagen, but see the clear and safe.

Benefits of Collagen Triglyceride

1. Fill groove Reduce dark spots, freckles, and help skin naturally brighten.

2. Restores the skin. Increases flexibility and hydration.

3. Keep youthful. In a hurry To prevent wrinkles.

4. Helps to nourish the hair, nails and stimulate blood cells. Increase the strength of the vascular wall. And other tissues by the body.

5. Strengthen the ligaments to prevent osteoporosis. Helps to balance the body water.


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